Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

April 16, 2023
(c) Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, which is directly adjacent to the Hofkirche, is a special cultural-historical feature with its extensive collection from historical Tyrol.

With its extensive collection, it presents remarkable facets of Tyrolean culture and their significance for the present.

Lucifer, the eerily iridescent figure from the St. Nicholas play, stands at the beginning of the museum. He opens up new perspectives for visitors and stimulates reflection. The study collection presents a wealth of objects on crafts, cottage industry and possessions. The multifaceted museum traces the lavish festivals and celebrations in the “Plump Year”. The “Precarious Life” looks at the worries and fears of the people.

The panelled parlours are a special feature. Historic Tyrolean costumes and nativity scenes from the 18th century to the present day are further highlights.

A multimedia preview impressively conveys the historical background to the Court Church and Emperor Maximilian I.