Nightlife in Innsbruck – Bars, Pubs & Clubs

March 25, 2023


Bars, pubs and clubs

Innsbruck is home to numerous bars, pubs and clubs. Many are located in the historic centre, scattered along Maria Theresien Straße or in the Bogenmeile, near the railway station.

As in real life, we start in the hotel, then move on to the bars and end up in the clubs.

Bars – to talk and enjoy:

Kater Noster is located less than 5 minutes from Hotel Nala. A meeting place for many students and young people who can try delicious and unusual drinks.

Tucked away on Domplatz is the Moustache. At the Moustache, guests of all ages and working classes can be found. It scores with its feel-good character and good snacks and drinks.

The “Galerie” is also located near Domplatz. As soon as you enter the place, you’ll be captured by its charm – painted game boards on the tables, games that can be borrowed for a deposit and books converted into drink tickets.

Centrally located in the city, you will find the City Hall Galleries, where the “360Grad” is located on the 7th floor. The bar impresses with an extraordinary panoramic view over the city of Innsbruck and scores points with its ambience.

Two worldwide award-winning bartenders create unique, first-class cocktails in the Liquid Diary. In addition to the classic standard cocktails, the seasonally changing menu always features new original cocktails inaspired by the seasons in the Alps and the Tyrolean herbs available at the time. In summer, it also invites you to relax and enjoy yourself on its own terrace.


Pubs – where you become even more talkative:

If you need a short break from Innsbruck and prefer to immerse yourself in the smoky and liquid world of the Irish for an evening, there are two options: 1. The Galyway Bay with live broadcasting of football matches and live music or 2. Limerick Bill’s Irish Pub. Limerick Bill’s Irish Pub is on Maria Theresien Street and is always busy – so it’s hard to get a seat or table late at night. In both Irish pubs the crowd is well mixed, students meet for a drink as well as long-time workers for an after-work guinness.

After the second or third beer, some people’s tongues start to loosen and the desire to sing karaoke becomes almost insatiable. Those who recognise themselves should pay a visit to La Copa – La Cabana in the old town.

Clubs – where people dance themselves sober again:

When it comes to dancing, tastes diverge. Lovers of every music genre and crossovers of several music styles make it difficult for some club owners.

If you like pop music and charts, it’s best to go to the Luna, the Segabar, the Minki or the Blue Chip.

For electronic music lovers of all kinds, you can’t miss Cubique near the station or Tante Emma in the Viaduktbögen.

Hip hop, indie or oldies can be found at Dachsbau or Jimmy’s.

But if it’s still too dark to find your way home, the “Bögen” (Viaduktbögen) are the perfect place to end the night. There you will meet all the party animals and like-minded people who will make the evening unforgettable.