nala voucher

You can bring joy  with this gift certificate to your aunt or your relatives, your sweetheart, your dentist or other people with a good taste.

You set the price, but not the category. It is important to honor the gift certificate on time, if the presentee has precise wishes.
Have fun gifting!

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5 % Come again Special

The best thing about our 5 % COME AGAIN loyalty bonus is that you do not have to keep count or become a member. Simply book with the same name as the last time.

As a thank-you we will then offer you the following discounts:

From the 2nd stay in two years – 5 % *
* Only valid for bookings/inquiries via phone, email,, carrier pigeon or fax.
(cannot be combined with other reductions)

You will find a booking-code in our post-stay mail which allows you to book our „come-again special“ via our hotel-website.

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Looooong stay special

If you are planning a longer stay in Innsbruck, you can save up to 15%. Spend 5 nights in NALA and you get a 1% discount per night. Stay with us for a week and you will get 7%, and up to a maximum of a 15% discount.

Our tip for guests staying longer? We also have hotel rooms equipped with kitchens, as well as a small shop and vending machines with all the essentials. You need not give up anything in your “home away from home.”

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