Don’t be surprised If you are getting slower and ……
more relaxed during your stay. Getting to a slower pace is in the bag when staying at NALA.

The continuous appearance of our primordial mother-figure NALA soothes with her timeless aura. The rooms themselves offer such a plenty of precious details, so much air, space, and vision, making body and mind expand in delight

A cooling fountain dabbles in the garden and on our popular southern terrace blossoms and twittering birds bewitch the senses.
A little tip: taking a break from everyday life is especially easy in our deckchairs. Of course, they are included in the NALAture-experience.

If you are among the guests who consider fitness and sweating “relaxation”, then you shall have it your own way.
It’s all there. There is a gym where you find a treadmill and a bicycle as well as an infrared-cabin.