Individual Hotel

Precious on the outside – eccentric on the inside.

The NALA was once an enchanting 50s hotel in Innsbruck. With great attention to detail, we have transformed it into a trendsetting city hotel. From the outside, you see a calm façade, a pleasant, quiet location in the heart of the city. When you step into the lobby, you enter a world of its own: surprising color-combinations, sensual details, relaxed craziness, and all with quiet, elegant restraint. Hospitality takes center stage. With us, the guest is King, Queen, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Businessperson, Zen Master, and above all, a person whose wishes and individual needs we take very seriously.

In the heart of the city, yet in the countryside

No centrally-located hotel in Innsbruck can boast of a quieter neighborhood than ours – NALA is situated in the cozy Wilten district. The little-traveled Müllerstraße adjoins the hotel on the north side. Facing south, one hears only the fountain in the park, birds chirping, and one´s own thoughts.


Our name derives from NALA, our primordial mother-figure and soul of the house, whose spirit emerges in our rooms. She provides peace and centering, and is a symbol of finitude and self-awareness.

Individual room types

The 57 guestrooms at NALA are so very unique that it is hard to categorize them. Tell us what you need–we are committed to responding to your individual needs.

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