NALA, why have you got such wonderful rooms? And other questions, which we have an answer for.


1. Where can I park my car and how much does it cost?

For arrival and departure, please drive directly to the hotel. You will find a few parking spaces in front of the hotel and even more in the Postgarage (Maximilian Strasse 3, Innsbruck; driving time 1 min; walking time 2 min). Parking fees are € 9,50 per space per day!

2. What is the best way to get to the city center from NALA?

From here you can reach Maria-Theresienstraße, Innsbruck´s center and main shopping street, within three minutes. Another ten-minute walk will take you to the Golden Roof in the old city (in case you do not know: this is the most famous and admired landmark in Innsbruck, apart from the Nordkette and the Bergisel-skijump).

3. Is there public transport, and where can I get tickets?

From the bus stop Triumphpforte (a two-minute-walk from NALA), there are buses and trams to various destinations. You can buy the tickets on the bus or tram. NALA is conveniently located for transportation connections.

4. What are the opening hours of the reception area?

The reception area is staffed from 07.00 in the morning until 00.00 in the evening, 365 days of the year.

5. Where do you serve breakfast and when?

Breakfast is served in our NALA bar & restaurant on the ground floor.

The NALA is proud of its exquisite breakfast buffet. It takes place from 06:30 to 11:00 am (MO-SAT). You can choose from our versions: Breakfast buffet (€ 19 per person) or the small Breakfast (MO-FR): croissant and hot drink for € 12 per person.

Exclusive on Sun- and holidays, we offer you our famous Sunday-breakfast instead of the breakfast buffet. Here you can enjoy our big buffet until 12 am.
(€ 23 per person, € 32 for day-trippers ). Please let us know, which one you would like to enjoy. Call us, or write us an E-Mail, it is up to you!


6. Where can I buy shoes, t-shirts, sunglasses, or anything else that I forgot?

We recommend a 3-minute-walk to the Maria-Theresien-Street. This street (and the surrounding ones) will have everything you need, as well as the best shopping in Innsbruck.

Note for individualists: the district of St. Nikolaus, on the north side of the main bridge, is a little-known favorite for shopping, but also nice for a stroll.

7. Where can I go for a drink while my wife is shopping for shoes?

It’s best to just relax at the cozy bar at our NALA bar & restaurant, on the ground floor. They offer beverages as well as excellent food, which is nice in case it once again takes longer than you expected.

8. Have you mountain people actually got functioning and free internet?

We have a 150 Mbit/s-wireless-connection, which is not only the fastest network in a hotel in Innsbruck, but also absolutely free for all tablets, smartphones and laptops. In case you need a LAN-connection, you will find one in your room.

9. How do I get to the train station or airport?

Walking distance to the train station: if you like walking and have a small piece of luggage, it should take you no longer than ten minutes. By bus, it takes two minutes (bus stop Triumphbogen)–about the same amount of time a taxi will take to get you there (which costs about 6-7 €).

Swiftly to the airport: This short trip is most convenient by taxi (about 15 €) or bus number F (two minutes to bus stop Triumphbogen, then a 20 minute bus ride).

10. Where can I have my laundry done?

The self-service-laundry bubblepoint is a two-minute-walk. For cleaning jackets, blazers, etc., we are happy to take care of it ourselves.

11. Where can I work out?

Do it like the Tyroleans: go into the mountains. In winter, you can ski or sled, in the summer you can hike or go mountain biking. City bikes can be rented at the NALA, and you can get mountain bikes or skis at dieboerse, a 3-minute-walk from the NALA, close to the Triumphpforte. For skiing and hiking tips, ask at the front desk.

If you prefer working out indoors, there is a gym in the basement of the NALA. There you will find a treadmill and a bicycle. For relaxation, we offer an infrared sauna big enough for 4 people. It is small but absolutely delightful! PS: You can get a bathrobe at the front desk.

12. My flight is in the evening, where can I put my luggage in the meantime?

You may leave your luggage at the hotel. We are happy to watch it.

13. Where, oh WHERE can I buy the shampoo provided in the rooms?

Yes, we know that the shampoo is excellent as are the other cosmetic products. So you can buy all our cosmetic-products at the front desk.

14. I have forgotten my toiletry bag. Where is the nearest drugstore?

We can provide you with the most important things at the front desk: toothbrush, razor, deodorant. You can also get wine or small presents for the folks back home.

15. Can I bring my dog?

We look forward to welcoming exceptional guests at the NALA (“individual hotel” says it all). Whether poodle, terrier or German Shepherd, dogs are most welcome. Costs per dog and night: 20 EURO.

16. How is the weather in Innsbruck?

17. What is there to do in Innsbruck?

Let yourself be surprised.