Mitten in der Stadt

In the heart of the city, yet in the countryside

Our principle

While at NALA you won´t just live in the green, you’ll also live green.

Our hotel has been built in consideration of the environment and nature. With component cooling, a small oasis in the hotel and a fully energy-efficient construction. We have also selected our partner products according to sustainability criteria. Whether it’s electricity (90% green), detergent (100% ecologically based), ecologically degradable cosmetics, or quilts and pillows made from renewable resources. We ensure that during your stay, you will contribute positively to the environment

Social sustainability is also a top priority at the Nala. We welcome each guest and respect all people regardless of their religious beliefs, nationalities, physical or mental limitations. The name individual hotel already says everything: individuality and diversity are always welcome in the Nala.

Our products

Cleaning supplies

The goal is to disclaim as many chemicals as possible.When purchasing, we always pay attention to purchase purely natural products (soap from Walde) or products with an eco-certification.Our bed linen is rented by the company “Stangelmayer”. The company “Stangelmayer” has already received several awards and quality seals for environmentally friendly companies and is therefore the perfect partner for the Nala.


For our cosmetics (shampoo, bodywash and handwash), we decided to use Malin + Goetz products. Also in our Nala shop these products are to acquire. In order to save waste, we use dispensers in the rooms and fill them up with big canisters every day.
To the products of Malin + Goetz:
Malin + Goetz comes from New York and in 2004 the first pharmacy of the founders was opened in the Chelsea district. Founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz use natural ingredients in their care products to achieve a gentle yet effective effect. The drive was for the founder Matthew Malin his own very sensitive and prone to eczema and psoriasis skin. Therefore, the care products are especially popular with people with skin problems and sensitive skin. The care line includes care and cleansing products for the face, hair and body and is for women and men. Of course, Malin + Goetz dispenses with synthetic additives. The simple design meets the medical requirements of a pharmacy and should underline the reduction to the essentials.

Furthermore, you can also buy the soaps from the company “Walde”. For more than 230 years, the Walde family in Innsbruck has been producing high-quality soap products made of natural and natural raw materials. It is the oldest soap factory in Austria and at the same time one of the oldest family businesses in the country. There products are also regional and environmentally friendly.


At our comprehensive breakfast buffet we almost exclusively use regional and / or seasonal organic products.
Quality and sustainability – the principles of our Restaurant!

Mobility – Explore Innsbruck without a car

Due to the quiet but very central location of the Nala Hotel you can indulge your car during your entire stay a “rest”.
For questions regarding a car-free journey or Innsbruck exploration, our reception team is always at your disposal.

Mitten in der Stadt