wine recommodation of the day

chardonnay zweikreuzgarten (O)

weingut wösendorf, wachau
13,5 Vol %
dry chardonnay with nuanced and strong character, classic, fruity style with natural extract wealth

1 l 30,50
1/8 l 4,60

ca i frati lugana DOC (O)

azienda agricola cà dei frati
13,5 Vol %
light yellow, fine flowery and aromatic-herbaceous touch, apricot and fine almond touch, on the palate balanced, perfect sourness, juicy- delicious fruit, finesse finish.

0,75 l 30,90
1/8 l 4,60

riesling mordthal (O)

weingut fritsch
12,3 Vol %
medium yellow-green, attractive fruit appeals, a touch of yellow greengage, nuances of flowerhoney, mineral touch, on the palate juicy, elegant texture, fine extra sweetness, fresh structured, matured yellow peach fruit in the finish, good length, good development potential.

0,75 l 32,40
1/8 l 4,60

zweigelt göttles (O)

weingut walter glatzer
13,5 Vol %
violet reflexive and strong tannin, full- bodied with sour cherry flavour

1 l 24,60
1/8 l 3,10

torcicoda primitivo (O)

weingut tomaresca in san pietro vernotico
14,0 Vol.%
expressive apulian red wine with varietal flavour with cherry, strawberry and licorice, coupled with a gentle touch of smoke and herbs, pleasant tannin and sustainable final.

0,75 l 48,00
1/8 l 4,90

cabernet sauvignon selection (O)

weingut salzl seewinkelhof
14,0 Vol.%
strong cherry-red with gentle water stain, beautiful fruity nose of currant, olives, peppermint, black pepper, blackberry and dried fruits, shiner, black tea, chamomile, chocolate, fire stone ; great taminstructure, elegant, soft but also strong, tight. beautiful long finish.

0,75 l 33,20
1/8 l 4,90
A - glutenhaltiges getreide
B - krebstiere
C - ei
D - fisch
E - erdnuss
F - soja
G - milch und laktose
H - schalenfrüchte
L - sellerie
M - senf
N - sesam
O - sulfite
P - lupinen
R - weichtiere