Keep cool – the NALA component cooling in summer.

We do not cool our rooms down via a conventional air-conditioning, instead we pipe cold groundwater through the floor and the ceiling of your room, so that the respective components are cooled. This type of cooling is healthier than others, since the unpleasant drafts of an air conditioner can be avoided. Cold, chill, or even the annoying adjustment of an air conditioning system are not an issue in the NALA. The temperature is pleasant and the humidity is adequate. In addition, the cooling system is environmentally friendly, because we win the cooling energy from the ground water.

Keep Warm – the NALA component temperature control in winter.

The innovative component temperature control system also works as heating. In winter hot water is pumped through the ground, walls and ceiling. The generated heat creates a warm, cozy atmosphere and the indoor climate is pleasant.

If you wish a warmer temperature for the cold days or a cooling room in summer, please let us know at the reception.