Alpenzoo Innsbruck

April 15, 2023


At the foot of the Nordkette, above the roofs of Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, lies the Alpine Zoo at 750 m above sea level. On a little more than 4 hectares, about 2000 Alpine animals of around 150 species are kept in enclosures, terrariums and aquariums designed close to nature. No other zoo in the world displays such a complete collection of wild animals from the Alpine region. This is just one reason why a number of world-first breeds and remarkable offspring successes have been achieved here.

The Alpine Zoo is a non-profit association which generates most of its annual operating funds itself with the support of the City of Innsbruck and the Province of Tyrol). The “Friends of the Alpine Zoo” as a support association, sponsors, animal godparents and donors also contribute to the economic security. With around 300,000 visitors a year, the Alpine Zoo is Tyrol’s largest cultural institution.

At the Alpine Zoo, children go on a journey of adventure and discovery with their parents! Watch the nimble dwarf mice, the terrapins and fish in the aquarium together, follow the fun play of the otters with their fantastic swimming skills, listen to the raucous calls of the bald ibis and the beguiling song of the nightingale. At the show farm, animals can be experienced up close. When the church bells of Innsbruck ring, the wolves begin to howl loudly. Those who want to can measure their arm’s length with the wingspan of the bearded vulture or reach Vulture Wally’s eyrie via the climbing wall. Finally, children can really let off steam at the bear playground, and it’s sometimes really scary in the bear cave or the wolf pit.

The Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck is open all year round!

Opening hours: daily
9.00-18.00 (April-October)
9.00-17.00 (November-March)